Monday, November 30, 2009


Welcome to The Pam and Jeri Show's brand new blog. We've just released our first album as The Pam and Jeri Show, though we've been recording with other people since back in the dark ages of tape. Pam has been writing some great new songs and we wanted to have an outlet for this new music and some really fun covers. You know, sometimes you just have to get out there and thrash around, especially if you have a voice like Pam's!

Before Blame Sally we were Blue Water Triplets. We're hoping to re-release this CD we made with bassist Rob Strom back in '99 - we'll keep you posted about that.

We're doing a show at Yoshi's in Oakland on January 11th, which is super exciting for us. We will start early due to the fact that it's a Monday night and you can order food and drinks during the show. Or come really early and have Japanese food in the restaurant. Really, what better way could you think of to spend a Monday night? I hope you can make it out for that! See you soon,

Photos courtesy of Merici Photography


  1. Yea...your own blog...AND your own CD! Got everything else Blame Sally...better go scoop this one up quick! ;)

    Look forward to watchin' you, well, more!