Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New endorsement deal with Seymour Duncan!

The Grammy weekend was fantastic, but even before it started great things were happening for me. A few months ago, Evan Skopp of Seymour Duncan (Artist Relations) came to see my band Blame Sally in Santa Barbara. He must have liked the band because he offered me a full endorsement deal!! (Hellooooo!) I've been a fan of Seymour Duncan's cutting edge stompboxes and pickups since I stated concentrating on electric guitar in the early 80's. My friend Kevin Beller was the head of R & D at Seymour Duncan back then. He wound some custom pickups for me that sounded amazing with my vintage '77 Mesa amp and I've been sold ever since. So on that Friday I went for a demo and to meet the crew and walked out with a whole new outlook on guitar sounds. Suddenly I see the light - there's a brave new world to explore and a lot of new things to try!

Evan Skopp and Frank Falbo took me to the music room which was equipped with a dreamy array of guitars and amps, AND all of the cool gear Seymour Duncan produces. I started with my Nash Tele and a vintage Fender amp to test some of the tube distortion (preamp) pedals. For you nerdy gear-heads like me: they have real Phillips-Sylvania tubes and electronics which actually work the tubes, unlike most so called "tube" pedals. It's really amazing when you hear the difference. I chose the Twin Tube Classic over the newer Twin Tube Blue which totally surprised me. I liked the Twin Tube Mayhem a lot, but I don't have much application for that "death and doom" sound...

I would go on about the technical stuff I learned but I realize hardly anyone gives a &^%# about that (so here goes)... I got a chance to use the Shape Shifter pedal for the first time while tracking the new Blame Sally album this week. It's the most versatile tremolo I've ever used - it can be outrageously experimental sounding but I needed a glowy vintage sound which was effortless to dial in. I just LOVE a gorgeous guitar sound!

Stay tuned for more adventures from the world of Pam and Jeri
(ok, Jeri's world lately but we'll fix that). Pam and I are working on an idea for our upcoming show at Yoshi's, May 19th. Wanna mark your calendar for that, yes? I'll do a live demo of all of the above and it will make total sense to your senses.

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